Yuhummmyy Chipotle Bowls

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple days. When I’ve had breaks, I’ve been collaborating with my blog designer so this can actually be cool!

Wanted to share a delicious meal that I made last night! Healthy, light, simple to make just lots of chopping, easy to tweak, and easy to make in bulk so you can have some for left overs:)

Clockwise we’ve got Lettuce, sauteed peppers and onions, black beans, homemade mango salsa, limes, brown cilantro lime rice, and chipotle chicken

It tastes just as scrumptious as it looks pretty! I also just put a little bit of salsa and squeezed lime on top, it doesn’t even need dressing! You get a perfectly healthy and balanced meal without sacrificing one bit of flavor and yumminess!

Ps- updated my measurements today, and updated pics coming this Monday!


30 – 15 CORE

Michelle and I went for a run 6 mile run this morning to try and prep us for the half that is in 2 WEEKS!!! YIKES…while chatting it up, she asked for a good ab workout, so here it is! There’s tons of different types of exercises you can do for your abs, but first it’s important to strengthen your CORE. It’s what gives you better posture, protects your back, the base of really any body movement, and it holds everything in. Out of every muscle in your body, I’d say it’s the most important thing to have strong! One of the best ways to strengthen your core is by doing plank-type exercises. So I put together a workout that you can do in just a few minutes, even just at home, that will activate the heck out of that core, and probably make you sweat a little bit.


– Always have your hips tucked under to protect your low back and engage core

-Hold your core tight throughout (like you’re about to get hit in the stomach)

– Breathe! Where applicable, exhale on the return to starting position

– Keep your body in a straight line (No dips in the back-being in front of a mirror helps)

– Go directly into the next exercise.  Take as few breaks as possible.

-Repeat the set 3 times


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1 month in!

So I’ve been doing Karve for 1 month now, and I have noticed changes for sure! Check out my PROGRESS page to see the measurable changes. My flexibility has increased substantially. I’m seeing the tone come back in my legs, shoulders, and arms. And though I have a lot of work left, my tummy has gotten tighter, especially in the low low abs where is the hardest of all to tighten up. I am totally addicted to it and Nick actually surprised me with another month at Karve-he’s too good to me:) So I’ll continue to document the results!

The studio just makes you feel happy and clear when you walk in



I look forward to coming here-SO STOKED about my next month!

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Vacationing and Dropping


I just got back from a super fun long weekend in St. George/Las Vegas with my husband’s family. They have a house down there so that’s where we all stayed. The rest of his family got there the day before us, and when we walked in and saw all of the junk food, including some of our favorite indulgences, we were worried…

Does anyone let vacations become an excuse to not work out or eat healthy? I think the majority of people do. I know I use it as a reason to not feel too bad about having a treat or 2. And I feel like that is totally fine and healthy! Because if I’ve learned anything from my years of reaching toward fitness goals-it’s that deprivation is not your friend-it’s all about moderation and making a lifestyle change. By allowing exercise to be a part of your daily routine, more often than not, you’ll go for healthier foods and not stuff your face with all the junk food in sight. Hence the reason why it’s even more important to exercise while on vacation. Even if it’s just doing more active things all together so you still get that bonding time. Go for a hike, play tennis, go swimming, cliff jumping into a lake (you can burn some calories swimming to the shore and hiking back up). Exercise is not a sacrifice. It’s simply a way of life, just be more active.

Luckily, there was a Gold’s Gym down there so we got to go there everyday before starting our day’s activities. It’s not everyday you have a built-in babysitter, so we took advantage of it! One of the days, we went into Vegas and had lunch at Chipotle, which offers fabulous healthy options!

It’s important to realize you can eat out. When you walk into a food court, don’t go to a pizza or chinese joint that has nothing healthy to choose from-go to places like Subway, where you know you can get a well-rounded, healthier meal. Chipotle is not only fresh and clean meats and toppings, but it tastes just as yummy as it is good for you! I got a simple Chicken salad with black beans, corn, pico, fajita peppers, and their amazing Chipotle Vinaigrette dressing.

          Yummy in my Tummy!!

ps-dropped a POUND while on  vacation, I was pretty stoked when I    stepped on the scale today!


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WIW-Music Stylings

“Wear it Wednesday” is when I will be sharing some products with you and kinda what I think about them. today I wanna talk about iPods, their pros and cons, and which ones you should invest in. First of all, if you’re like me, you can’t workout without a good beat in your ears. I find that I push myself harder while listening to music and it helps the time pass by a little bit easier. More on the benefits of listening to music while working out later. Here’s some of the options you have for iPods:



Pros- iPhone if you need to remain accessible while you’re working up a sweat (don’t let this be a distraction to you though),GPS tracking which makes it super easy and accurate to track your runs or sprints, access to the app store (TONS of really cool exercise apps, I’ll post about my top faves later), easy music selection-

Cons- Bigger to carry around-can’t really have it in your pocket if you’re running or doing any kind of intense training–you would have to get an armband (Incase’s is the best), dumbbells being dropped on iPhones will ruin your day

Great for- Weight lifting with little movement

iPod Nano


Pros- Small and Light, Screen view, clip-on, Multiple colors, built in Nike+ Pedometer (No GPS capabilities), Watch function with timer and stopwatch, $129

Cons- Can’t think of any

Great for- Weight training, Cardio (especially running), Intense circuit training

iPod Shuffle


Pros- TINY, Clip-on, Easy volume and track adjustments, Multiple colors, ONLY $49!

Cons- No screen, Smaller GB capacity (But still, 2GB is about 480 songs)

Great for- Intense circuit training, any type of Cardio

My personal favorite is the Nano, because you get the best of both worlds. I can’t even feel it while I’m working out. In all honesty, my headphones are heavier than the Nano and the Shuffle. It’s also cool because if you’re a runner, it can track your miles, total time, and pace, then save it so you can look back.

If you’re looking to be a little more cost-effective, then the Shuffle is TOTALLY the way to go! Although people could complain about no screen on the Shuffle, it’s really not a big deal at all! I only use it for working out so I just have it filled with upbeat music that keeps me motivated while I exercise. Any way, you can’t go wrong with these products whichever one you choose. They’re all amazing!


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Inspiration Pt.2

Once that motivation is found, it can be really hard to maintain it until that goal is reached. It can be especially hard when we go through something that has weakened our body physical, like an injury or pregnancy. Since I just went through the latter, I’ll share how I found that drive…

Image Image

First of all, I’ve been craving to be hard and toned since I was going through the flabby/not-so-pregnant-look that started at about 8 weeks and just kept getting shocked that my body would continue to get bigger when I thought there was no way it could possibly stretch anymore. But then, inevitably,it always does. 

For some reason though, when I hit that 6 weeks and got clearance to exercise, that drive didn’t come immediately like I had hoped. It was disappointing to work out. You don’t see the flabbiness go anywhere, it seems impossible to think it will ever go away, you’re strength you once had has incredibly diminished, and you’re starting from further back then you ever have. It’s actually quite devastating. At least it was for me. It wasn’t until consistently dragging myself to the gym for 4 weeks until the actual desire came to make time for a sweat session. It was stress relieving and my time for me. I started looking at it as MY time and I had to take advantage of it, and even though I didn’t feel like it in the beginning-I knew I would always feel better the rest of the day. If I was able to work out then it seemed like I got done what I needed to, and little things throughout the day wouldn’t bug me nearly as bad. Then I started to conquer little goals-like, sprinting at 9.0 again and being able to hold a plank without wanting to die after 15 seconds. I had to focus on that, my achievements and my body showing signs it was regaining that strength I once had. It was then I found the fun in conquering my own mind and body-breaking barriers that seemed too hard to do again or like it was going to take forever to get back to. 

You CAN do it! Your body WILL get there! You just have to put in the work, even if you’re dragging in the beginning. I’m determined to get my body better than it was before getting pregnant. ImageImage

Here’s to finding that drive and keeping your eye on the goal!

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Inspiration pt.1

It’s important to find what inspires and motivates you…obviously. But a lot of times, it’s hard to find that motivation to make the time, eat what you know is right, and stop making excuses. Especially when it seems like the whole world is out to get in the way of you doing these things. Am i right? I would love to look at a picture and have immediate long-lasting motivation til I looked exactly like that picture. But for some reason looking at picture after picture while we continue to sit and eat whatever we want, somehow that perfect image doesn’t appear when we look down at ourselves. Can I start a fundraiser to start whatever research needs to be done to make that happen?? K, great!

Before I left for the weekend, I wanted to ask you how you find your inspiration to get going and keep it? I will be back for pt.2 on Monday to tell you what I do. In the mean time, go ahead and browse my pics/inspiration board that give me some visual pushes…

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Booty Kickin

OOOOOk, so Karve kicks my trash. Today I about wanted to die after just the warm-up. I loved it! The best part is that I can feel and tell my body is getting stronger, yet I am constantly challenged throughout the class. I can already see results both with my eyes and with the tape measure. Check out my Progress page to see my most recent measurements. 2 inches off my waist and an inch off each arm in just 2 weeks/8 classes-are you kidding me?!?! IT freakin works, people! Click on this link to watch the little video to get a feel for the studio and the workout. I’m seriously sad that I’m going out of town today because I won’t be able to go to class. Obsessed would be a good way to put it. 

Green Banana Smoothie

Just got back from a 4 mile run that for some reason just about killed me…don’t know how i’m going to do the half marathon in 4 weeks…EEK!!

It’s super important to replenish your body after a workout. It’s within that first hour, especially half hour, that your body absorbs what you put in it really fast! So it’s even more important that you give it the good stuff within that time frame. One of my “go-to” concoctions is this Green banana smoothie. I serious have something like this everyday and it does the trick. It’s simple, fast, healthy, and extremely yummy!

3/4 c to 1 c Organic apple juice

1 Organic Banana (I prefer frozen)

1 large handful Organic Spinach

1 scoop protein powder (or equivalent to abut 25-30 grams of protein)


Protein is crucial. It helps rebuild muscle and leaves you fuller longer. Now your body can only absorb so much protein at one sitting, so no need to get protein happy with this and put in multiple scoops-it won’t do you any good and it’ll just add extra unnecessary calories. about 30 grams is great for a post-workout.
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Something to think about

Something to think about

For anyone out there that thinks that losing five pounds isn’t a big deal, or isn’t doing your body that big of a favor, check out this picture my husband took. That big yellow “blob” is what five pounds of fat looks like. And just to put it in perspective, my husband is 6’2″, 197 lbs, and his hands ain’t small! So next time you think that five pounds is “no big deal,” just remember, you burned off this lovely “little” chunk of blubber. Your body thanks you…