missed it

totally went through all the trouble of pumping feeding and scrambling to get ready in time, and totally missed the 8:45 class. I showed up even though I was 10 minutes late and I spaced that there was no child care at that time, Norah was wide awake, and it was too late to start. I was so angry, upset, and sad that i missed because I crave Karve now. I didn’t want to do anything else, therefore I had no desire to even exercise. I thought of what I want to accomplish and how my mood goes when I don’t work out, so I knew I had to figure it out someway. I called up my mom and luckily she was nice enough to let me drop Norah off, she was asleep at this point, and go to the gym. It was actually kinda good that had those frustrations because I was able to run hard while I did my interval training on the treadmill. Then afterward, I just did some of the moves I remembered and others for my muscle toning. Of course, I feel so much better now and know I would still be in an awful mood if I had just decided to let my anger take over and be bitter about things not working the way I had planned.

I actually ended up getting a really good workout in:

20 minute HIIT on treadmillĀ 

4.0, 8.0, 6.0 with increasing the speed on the third and sixth set sprint to 9.0

Also switched it up by on the second and fifth set of sprints making them 2 minutes at 8.0 then bumping up to 8.5 for the last 45 seconds.

I would just recommend to push yourself and bump up the sprints .5-1.0 mph faster than your original sprint pace. It’s thrilling to challenge yourself and accomplish it, even if you do a speed for 10 seconds that you didn’t think you could do, your body and mind will let you go for a minute or 2 at that once “unachievable” pace! And that feeling is amazing!

your self confidence and happiness will never decrease after a workout. But your motivation will if you skip it. Keep going!

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