Catch Up

so I’m gonna play a little catch up here since things have been crazy and busy with the holiday that just passed. Happy Independence day everyone! Hope you all had an active and fun filled July 4th!

So After 4 Karve classes and only a total of 8.5 miles ran last week (I’m totally scrizzeled for my races coming up), I lost over an inch off my belly! It is really hard to find the time and desire to run long distances when it’s hot outside and only have a certain amount of time for a babysitter, but I do know that running that little amount over a weeks time, doesn’t make me lose those kind of inches. it’s workin! I really do look forward to Karve and I love feeling these muscles work in ways they’re not particularly used to.

Just yesterday I had to work really hard to make it out the door so I could get to my 8:45 am class. It was raining (hallelujah, helped with all those crazy fires) and when I showed up with Norah, only the instructor was there and since I was the only one, I figured she would just cancel class. But she looked at me holding my baby, and said “oh no, I know what it takes to get ready with a baby and come here, let’s go ahead and just do a private session.” Needless to say, I was beyond appreciative to her and so grateful she’d still take the time to do a class for me. It was awesome to have that one on one time so she could really help me with technique. It’s crazy how much harder you work when you have all the attention focused on you. Oh man, I was feelin it!!

So today I went to Karve, killed me! My muscles are so sore! then went and just ran for 15 minutes starting out at a stead 6.5 for 10 minutes, 7.0 for 3 mins, 7.5 for 1 min, and finished it off going 8 for the final minute. i went just under 2 miles, then had to get back to pick up my baby girl. The nice thing about giving yourself a time frame, even if it’s small, is that you know that’s all you have and you’ve gotta work every single minute! So do just that this next week, WORK from start to finish and when it gets hard, think of how much better you’re gonna feel and proud you’ll be of yourself that you finished strong and worked hard!

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