WIW-Music Stylings

“Wear it Wednesday” is when I will be sharing some products with you and kinda what I think about them. today I wanna talk about iPods, their pros and cons, and which ones you should invest in. First of all, if you’re like me, you can’t workout without a good beat in your ears. I find that I push myself harder while listening to music and it helps the time pass by a little bit easier. More on the benefits of listening to music while working out later. Here’s some of the options you have for iPods:



Pros- iPhone if you need to remain accessible while you’re working up a sweat (don’t let this be a distraction to you though),GPS tracking which makes it super easy and accurate to track your runs or sprints, access to the app store (TONS of really cool exercise apps, I’ll post about my top faves later), easy music selection-

Cons- Bigger to carry around-can’t really have it in your pocket if you’re running or doing any kind of intense training–you would have to get an armband (Incase’s is the best), dumbbells being dropped on iPhones will ruin your day

Great for- Weight lifting with little movement

iPod Nano


Pros- Small and Light, Screen view, clip-on, Multiple colors, built in Nike+ Pedometer (No GPS capabilities), Watch function with timer and stopwatch, $129

Cons- Can’t think of any

Great for- Weight training, Cardio (especially running), Intense circuit training

iPod Shuffle


Pros- TINY, Clip-on, Easy volume and track adjustments, Multiple colors, ONLY $49!

Cons- No screen, Smaller GB capacity (But still, 2GB is about 480 songs)

Great for- Intense circuit training, any type of Cardio

My personal favorite is the Nano, because you get the best of both worlds. I can’t even feel it while I’m working out. In all honesty, my headphones are heavier than the Nano and the Shuffle. It’s also cool because if you’re a runner, it can track your miles, total time, and pace, then save it so you can look back.

If you’re looking to be a little more cost-effective, then the Shuffle is TOTALLY the way to go! Although people could complain about no screen on the Shuffle, it’s really not a big deal at all! I only use it for working out so I just have it filled with upbeat music that keeps me motivated while I exercise. Any way, you can’t go wrong with these products whichever one you choose. They’re all amazing!


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