Vacationing and Dropping


I just got back from a super fun long weekend in St. George/Las Vegas with my husband’s family. They have a house down there so that’s where we all stayed. The rest of his family got there the day before us, and when we walked in and saw all of the junk food, including some of our favorite indulgences, we were worried…

Does anyone let vacations become an excuse to not work out or eat healthy? I think the majority of people do. I know I use it as a reason to not feel too bad about having a treat or 2. And I feel like that is totally fine and healthy! Because if I’ve learned anything from my years of reaching toward fitness goals-it’s that deprivation is not your friend-it’s all about moderation and making a lifestyle change. By allowing exercise to be a part of your daily routine, more often than not, you’ll go for healthier foods and not stuff your face with all the junk food in sight. Hence the reason why it’s even more important to exercise while on vacation. Even if it’s just doing more active things all together so you still get that bonding time. Go for a hike, play tennis, go swimming, cliff jumping into a lake (you can burn some calories swimming to the shore and hiking back up). Exercise is not a sacrifice. It’s simply a way of life, just be more active.

Luckily, there was a Gold’s Gym down there so we got to go there everyday before starting our day’s activities. It’s not everyday you have a built-in babysitter, so we took advantage of it! One of the days, we went into Vegas and had lunch at Chipotle, which offers fabulous healthy options!

It’s important to realize you can eat out. When you walk into a food court, don’t go to a pizza or chinese joint that has nothing healthy to choose from-go to places like Subway, where you know you can get a well-rounded, healthier meal. Chipotle is not only fresh and clean meats and toppings, but it tastes just as yummy as it is good for you! I got a simple Chicken salad with black beans, corn, pico, fajita peppers, and their amazing Chipotle Vinaigrette dressing.

          Yummy in my Tummy!!

ps-dropped a POUND while on  vacation, I was pretty stoked when I    stepped on the scale today!


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