30 – 15 CORE

Michelle and I went for a run 6 mile run this morning to try and prep us for the half that is in 2 WEEKS!!! YIKES…while chatting it up, she asked for a good ab workout, so here it is! There’s tons of different types of exercises you can do for your abs, but first it’s important to strengthen your CORE. It’s what gives you better posture, protects your back, the base of really any body movement, and it holds everything in. Out of every muscle in your body, I’d say it’s the most important thing to have strong! One of the best ways to strengthen your core is by doing plank-type exercises. So I put together a workout that you can do in just a few minutes, even just at home, that will activate the heck out of that core, and probably make you sweat a little bit.


– Always have your hips tucked under to protect your low back and engage core

-Hold your core tight throughout (like you’re about to get hit in the stomach)

– Breathe! Where applicable, exhale on the return to starting position

– Keep your body in a straight line (No dips in the back-being in front of a mirror helps)

– Go directly into the next exercise.  Take as few breaks as possible.

-Repeat the set 3 times


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One thought on “30 – 15 CORE

  1. SO glad you did this post!! Those mountain climbers are Killer……. p.s. I am going to die in this race, I just know it…. ha

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