Welcome to the blog about “The After Picture” that I don’t have yet. I just had my first little girl a couple weeks ago on April 5th, 2012 and it has already been quite the experience! All of you know how hard it is to find time to exercise, make healthy meals and decisions, let alone time for yourself. So I am here to share my journey of getting to my After Picture and how to do it while balancing everything else. This is simply a place for me to not only give advice on how to become your After Picture through sharing workouts and healthy eating plans/recipes, but to also be the guinea pig for workout plans or trends and products that you’ve heard about and want to see if they actually work.

This is especially for me to be accountable to you while I get to my After Picture. I’ve gone back and forth numerous times about starting this blog because it will for sure be the most vulnerable and exposing thing I’ve done. Most pictures you see are of success stories, there’s always a “Before” and “After” picture shown, but I’m sharing my “Before” post-baby body picture without having the “After” success picture. That is pretty scary. But also highly motivating.

I love questions and comments, so please feel free to ask anything! I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, all my opinions are my own done from research and self-experience.


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  1. Yay Jamie!!! I’m so excited to follow along & to see your success! You might even motivate me to eat healthier 😉

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